Networking project for the Saudi Telecom Company:
The company designs, installs and extends fiber optic cables for the external network of the Saudi Telecom Company and installs and connects their racks and ducts. The project covers all regions and cities of the Kingdom.
Kingdom-wide network synchronization project, Saudi Electricity Company:
Design, supply and install synchronization units for all power generation stations in the Kingdom and make the necessary settings for them to work in harmony with other existing systems to make the stations operate at the same time throughout the Kingdom.
Zain Telecom Network Synchronization Support Project:
Providing related services for (operational and technical support for TX synchronization system)
Technical support and spare parts management project for Mobily:
The company performs Synchronization System Technical Support (TSS) and Spare Parts Management (SPM) services for synchronization equipment, in full compliance with the scope of work and technical specifications.
A project to install surveillance cameras in the buildings of King Saud Medical City in Riyadh:
Installing cameras and access points according to the plans for all specified buildings, examining all camera points and access points and numbering them according to their communications path with their cabins, changing the cables connected to the cameras and access points if they are not working, moving and changing the locations of some of the installed cameras to other places according to the plans, completing Examining the remaining network points located in the cabins, numbering and identifying the remaining network points connected to the cabins.
Smart meter installation project for the Saudi Electricity Company:
Replacing the current meters with meters of WC100A, WC160A, CT, CT-VT, and installing the DCU, the Pre-CT signal repeater, their electronic gates, and ECB systems (200, 250, 300, 400, 600, 800, A1000) and replacing Existing meter boxes if necessary, and for existing electronic meters installation of external relay, ECB, electronic gates, RF collector, and communication modules.
Technical support project for the Saudi Telecom Company synchronization system:
Providing related services for (operational and technical support for TX synchronization system)
Project for transporting and installing synchronization supply units and synchronization distribution units, including materials and services - Saudi Telecom Company:
Our company dismantles and installs SSU synchronization supply units and SDU synchronization distribution units to implement the required expansions in the Saudi Telecom Company’s synchronization network and works on their settings to ensure they work as required and provide the necessary technical support for that.
Electronic panels maintenance and restoration project - Saudi Telecom Company:
The company, in cooperation with partners specialized in the field of maintaining electronic panels for communications systems, carries out the necessary maintenance for all electronic panels of the Saudi Telecom Company and then returns them again after ensuring that they are working properly.
Project to establish a data center for Google in the Eastern Province:
Design and installation of six data centers for the global company Google in the Eastern Province of the Kingdom. We have carried out all the work related to the design and installation of racks, switches, routers and servers, as well as making the necessary link extensions (Fiber and CAT 6), conducting tests for all devices, and installing and checking GPS systems.
VSAT project for satellite communication:
The company designed, supplied, provided services and fully operated the V-Sat system for one of the government agencies, using the transmission and reception package from the Arabsat satellite on the KU frequency. The system provides various network services such as interactive voice/data, fax, video conferencing, and connecting networks to... LAN, WAN, in addition to the possibility of high-speed imaging, providing email services in addition to installing and setting up all ground connections. The system is CLIENT-VSAT compatible and connected to different equipment and interfaces of different vendors.
A project to secure the G20 headquarters with surveillance cameras equipped with artificial intelligence systems:
The company designed and installed a group of television surveillance cameras equipped with artificial intelligence systems for video analysis to secure the headquarters of the G20 meetings, which were hosted by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where the company provided the required engineering services and quality control for all sites.

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