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Al Baraah Telecom Co. Ltd., collaborates with leading global defense suppliers, working hand-in-hand to design, integrate and enhance products and services specifically designed for defence, homeland security, space and infrastructure protection missions.

Our sector experience includes:

We excel at understanding aviation needs, offering a wide range of equipment and components that ensure optimal platform performance.

Our company originated as a supplier of equipment and components and has developed over the years. In cooperation with our partners, we have expanded and improved our services. Today, we pride ourselves on our extensive industry knowledge, providing advanced engineering solutions to clients across all defense sectors.

Testing, training and simulation

Confidence testing with aircraft in “operational mode” Modular “Mallina Family” triggers, UV, IR, end-to-end DIRCM testing capability, and full software suite, easily integrated into automatic tracking and third-party systems. We provide a wide range of testing equipment using a range of infrared, laser, and multi-spectrum (MSTS) testing solutions.

Infrared (IR), is a confidence test set used to stimulate one- or two-color infrared missile warning systems. A powerful battery-powered test suite that can be hand-held or supported on a simple tripod, the IR Baringa is programmed to radiate the spectral, temporal, classified, and unclassified infrared plume signatures of missiles. It can be operated from typical standoff ranges of 5-15 meters (m) or 15-50 feet (ft) from the missile warning system.

MSTS builds on the proven success of MEON, the comprehensive flight-line confidence test set for Directional Infrared Countermeasures, or DIRCM, and UV missile systems. The MEON is rugged, battery-powered, and can be handheld or mounted on a tripod.

  • Includes infrared beacon and infrared detector to provide complete and comprehensive testing
  • Capable of confidence testing of fixed, multi-sweep, and multi-tone interference signals
  • Includes an eye-safe laser rangefinder
  • The battery-powered MEON can be carried or supported on a tripod.
  • Mil-Spec and CE-certified
  • Integrated testing of aircraft survivability system

Verification of radar warning receivers, missile warning systems, laser warning systems, and other radio frequency systems on board aircraft, providing operators with the tools they need to confidently validate a system's operational status.


Our suppliers provide customers with a highly accurate, repeatable system that reduces time, training, and workforce requirements An angular measurement system is designed to align systems on any land, sea, or air vehicle.

Air defense radars: (detection wherever you are)

Providing and developing a wide range of modern radar systems, electronic reconnaissance equipment, and electronic warfare systems Air defense radars can detect air targets and determine their location, course, and speed over a relatively large area. The maximum range of the air defense radar can exceed 300 miles, and the bearing coverage is a full 360-degree circle.

Two-dimensional or two-dimensional radars:
Radar sets that provide range and direction information only

3D or 3D radars:
Radar sets that provide range, bearing, and altitude

Microwave and antenna application

Offering the widest choice of antenna measurement solutions, EMC offers systems that allow for MW, EMC, SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) testing.

Antenna (Dipole, Horn,..) – Antenna measurement (Multi-probe system – MMW rooms, software,..) EMC (test rooms, RF shielded room, shielded doors.

Operating areas and production lines

Testing the confidence of the first line in electronic warfare:
Go/No Go test equipment to ensure aircraft and AFV Defense Assistance Systems (DAS) are operational prior to a mission

Open-range electronic warfare testing:
Long-range electro-optical (EO) and radio-frequency stimulators to support operational testing, evaluation, and aircrew training
Providing trial support teams

Laboratory EO test benches:
Complex test facilities to support the development of missile seeker/countermeasures and DAS Suite T&E

Facilities support:
An on-site technical team provides maintenance, repair, and support services for testing equipment

Weapon systems

Our suppliers provide the defense industry with a comprehensive flight training solution by offering comprehensive design and support for training equipment


Airborne Solutions provides training opportunities for military customers. Within this company is Airborne Tactical Advantage Company (ATAC), which provides tactical flight training and adversary services.


Electronic Systems provides advanced training aids, confidence testers, and support to those who work with the electromagnetic spectrum to ensure critical mission systems perform precisely and reliably.


Confidence test with aircraft in “operational mode”

  • Modular “Mallina Family” stimulators
  • Interchangeable system components
  • Interoperable for multispectral stimulation
  • UV, IR, End to End DIRCM test capability
  • UV and Laser Beam Rider training/test stimulators.
  • Full software suite –threat edit, load, remote control, simulation
  • Easily integrated into auto-tracking and third-party systems



TSES are highly experienced in making a broad range of off-the-shelf to special to-role test units and simulators

  • MWS test bench –UV-based bench
  • Dual test bench –UV & Laser bench
  • Missile Seeker test bench –Black body & laser-based
  • Multi Missile Effects Simulator (MMES)


Ground Threat Emitter Sensor System:

  • Improved engagement of fast targets
  • Tracking Head and Tripod
  • Tracking Workstation
  • Control Workstation
  • Data Logger and Playback
  • UV LED Mallina / Phoenix payloads
  • Mallina LRF Module
  • IR and / or TV Camera
  • WESS Interface Module


RemoteView PRO

RemoteView Pro provides analysts with premier analytical tools. Users can quickly enhance imagery and gain valuable perspective through analytical tools and extensions that are essential for mission planning and operational support.


SeeGEO connects geospatial data to analytics across multiple cloud environments to deliver actionable insights that drive informed decisions.

Feature Analyst

Feature Analyst is tightly integrated with the Esri® ArcGIS® platform to extract feature data from imagery in order to populate geographic information systems (GIS) databases. Analysts can rapidly and accurately collect vector feature data from high-resolution satellite and aerial imagery in order to gain spatial understanding.

LIDAR Analyst

LIDAR Analyst software is tightly integrated with the Esri® ArcGIS® platform to provide an end-to-end solution for visualizing and processing LIDAR data. Analysts can automatically extract 3D objects such as bare earth, trees, or buildings, enabling users to visualize their world for critical decision-making.


3D Pro

3D Pro software is an add-on module for RemoteView™ that allows analysts to incorporate imagery in near real-time to create rich, 3D scenes.


The ELT/Series software provides powerful imagery and geospatial exploitation tools for a wide range of applications, including intelligence, mission planning and disaster management.


Analysts today need on-demand access to vast geospatial data to generate mission-critical intelligence products. Our GeoCatalog software is the premier data management framework driving that process.

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