Scientific laboratories and experiments

RB-Tech, in collaboration with its global partners, is working to align its operations with educational curricula in various countries. We provide adaptable systems that keep pace with contemporary technologies and the evolving industrial market. Our partners provide us with educational tools covering many technology areas, including science education and healthcare.

Laboratories (equipment, experiments, and furniture):
We serve a diverse range of clients by offering top-notch laboratory equipment and furniture at competitive prices, specially designed for both educational and health institutes.

Our offers include:

  • College of Engineering facilities: electrical, mechanical, civil, chemical, computer, and communications.
  • College of Science Facilities: Chemistry, Physics, Biology, and Geology.
  • Facilities of the Faculty of Health Sciences: Medicine, Pharmacy and Applied Medical Sciences.
  • Hospital laboratories: chemistry, microbiology, and pathology.
  • Laboratory Furniture: Whether it is steel or wood, Trespa or epoxy, we import it from Europe and guarantee a flawless installation.
  • Medical furniture: including trolleys, cabinets, shelves, etc.
Radar and microwave applications:
We offer a wide range of antenna measurement solutions, meeting diverse needs. Our offerings include systems designed for MW, EMC and SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) testing. Our product range includes various antennas such as Dipole and Horn, antenna measuring instruments such as multi-probe systems and MMW chambers, software solutions, and EMC equipment including test chambers, RF shielded chambers and shielded doors.
Biomedical and chemical testing equipment:
Microscopes - spectrophotometer - PH meter - electrical conductivity meter. Industrial failure: hardness tester, leakage detector.
Research and educational laboratories:
Communications and Networking (CN) Laboratory, Microwave, Antennas and Radar Systems (MARS) Laboratory, CNC, CMM and Routers laboratories.
Educational laboratories:
Educational laboratories provided by RB-TECH partners cover most technological fields such as electronic and electrical engineering, communications, mechanical, mechatronics, chemical and industrial engineering, renewable energies, physics, chemistry, biology, and many others.
Electrical Engineering Department:
Electrical transmission lines laboratories - Electrical generator machinery laboratories - Renewable energy laboratories - Microcontroller laboratories - Antennas and microwave laboratories
Department of Mechanical Engineering:
Heat transfer laboratory; Fluid dynamics laboratory - Refrigeration and air conditioning laboratory - Mechanical devices laboratory

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