Scientific- Education, Laboratories Equipment, & Furniture, & Experiments.
RB with its international partners operates on the international market complying with the educational programs of the various countries. At this purpose, flexible Systems are proposed to ensure the compliance with Current technologies and Industrial market. The educational equipment provided by RB partners covers most technological fields such as the Scientific-Educational & Health.

Laboratories (Equipment, Experiments, Furniture)

can serve a wide range of customer through supplying very high-quality lab equipment and furniture with a good price for Educational and Health Institute, our products range can cover the following:
  • Facility of Engineering College: (Electrical, Mechanical, Civil, Chemical, Computer, Telecom)
  • Facility of Science College: (Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Geology).
  • Facility of Health Science College:(Medicine, Pharmacy, Applied Medical).
  • Hospital laboratories: (Chemistry, Microbiology, Histopathology).
  • Laboratory furniture: Steel or Wood, Trespa vs Epoxy with all accessories we can supply it from Europe with a perfect installation.
  • Medical Furniture (Trollies, Cabinets, Shelves, and many others).
  • Testing and Monitoring

    RB has over the years worked with major telecom & Scientific equipment vendors and system integrators to meet the testing requirements arising at various stages of both of telecommunications & Scientific product development life-cycle. With its proven expertise of over 19th years, RB has a comprehensive suite of telecom testing solutions to verify and ensure 'quality and reliability' of a variety of telecom networks including Wireless, and high-speed fiber optic lines, & Scientific equipment.
    Test & Monitoring Equipment :

    BI ( Basic Instrumentation ) : General measuring instruments for generating and test the signal in both domain (Time, frequency, and Mixed domain ). DIGITAL OSCILLOSCOPES–WAVEFORM GENERATORS– spectrum analyzer - SPECTRUM ANALYZERS- RF SIGNAL GENERATORS-DMM- PWs

    Optical test equipment:

    Devices and test solution for fiber system characterization – lightwave system – radar and microwave application : - Fiber test : A- Field & Portable Network Testing: OPM-OPL-Fiber inspection - OTDR- OSA B- Monitoring solution: FTTx – Broadband –network,.

    light wave system :

    Tunable Laser- RF Amplifier - Photo mixer - Tunable Filter – SHM- InGaAs Camera

    Radar and Microwave application:

    offers the broadest choice of Antenna Measurement solutions, EMC that offers systems that allow for test the MW,EMC , SAR (Specific Absorption Rate ) : Antenna ( Dipole , Horne ,..) –Antenna Measurement ( Multi probe system – MMW champers, software,..) –EMC ( Test champers, RF shielded room, shielded doors,..)

    Biomedical & Chemical test Equipment :

    Microscopes – Spectrophotometer –PH Meter – conductivity meter. Industrial failed : Hardness tester, Leak detector.

    Research & Educational labs :

    Communications and Networks (CN) Lab  Microwave, Antenna, and Radar Systems (MARS) Lab, CNC& CMM & Router labs.

    Educational labs :

    The Educational labs provided by RB-TECH partners covers most of the technological fields such as : Electronics and Electrical Engineering, Telecommunications, Mechanical, Mechatronics, Chemical Engineering, industrial, Renewable Energies, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and many others,….

    Electrical engineering department : - Electrical transmission lines labs - Electrical generator machine labs - renewable energy labs - Microcontroller labs - Antenna and Microwave lab

    Mechanical engineering department:

    - Heat transfer lab - Fluid dynamic lab - Refrigeration & air condition lab - Mechanical instrumentation lab